• everyone: are you okay
  • everyone: you look tired
  • everyone: you look upset
  • everyone: you look confused
  • everyone: are you mad at me
  • everyone: what are you mad at


looookkk, you’re the one that pushed me away when i tried to communicate. you can’t just come back now “anonymously” wondering how i am and shit. it’s just not done.


grow the f*** up.

havent blogged in a while. but here it goes…

some people need to grow the fuck up. you’re like, what? 30 years old? you’re shitting me, you act like a child and dress like a skank. you’re stupid and you can’t take the hint that i don’t like you. i get that we’re related but i don’t give a damn.

and YOU!! you say that we don’t talk to you… guess what!? there are reasons. and if you’re too stupid to not understand why i stay away, you’re just stupid. the end. stay away from me and i won’t rat you out like i should have long time ago. you’re an adult… you know what could happen.

and you… i get that you’re a bit vulnerable at the moment but you can’t use that excuse every time. i get that you have it a little rough, but you can’t let it get to you and have it invade your life. i get that you’re sort of busy sometimes, but you can’t throw me under the bus and make me do all the shit that you’re responsible for. you’re an adult now, start being responsible for your own fucking shit. because of you, i vow to never let my family get involved with my problems. you dump all your shit on us, it’s not fair. i shouldn’t be put to do stuff that you should be doing. and stop acting like such an annoying bitch. and stop trying to be the innocent one, we see through you and your little game.

and then there’s you. leave me aloneeeeee. stop trying to ruin my dreams, i know what i want and i’m going to get it, no matter what you say. i don’t need your input unless i ask for it. and stop thinking that you know everything, because you don’t. and stop putting all this shit on me that i don’t want to hear, i don’t want any of it. okay? thanks.


fuck me.

im homeless for a month.



are attracted to me like a magnet.

why continue to hurt?

perseverence, determination, and discipline.

blah blah blah…

guard is just too much fun to give up :)



i cant turn my mind off, it keeps running and thinking and making lists.


this weeks artist:

kid cudi! relate to this nigguhhh x)


yeee muthafuhkcr!!

i got into the art institute :)

uhmm… only college i pretty much have applied to…

so im stoked. if i didnt get in, i would have to resort to NOVA

where everyone from Annandale is going… HELL NO!

so fuck yeah!!



i hate being sick.

on the first day of sickmas trey laffin gave to meeee

i runny nose, which is not cool.

on the second day of sickmas my poor immune system gave to meeee

a bunch of sneezing and a slight cough

on the third day of sickmas cold weather gave to meeee

a cold sweat and a sore throat


to be continued :/




10. We know how to keep people in line
9. We continuously work on our technique
8. We adore wearing tight clothing
7. We do it on football fields and gym floors
6. We’re used to poles of all sizes
5. We strive for the perfect performance
4. We work well with our hands
3. We’re very flexible
2. We always want to be on top

And the #1 reason to date a guard member…
1. We like to yell and scream ;)